Sarah Klanderman, Ph.D.

I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Marian University in Indianapolis and an MAA Project NExT fellow (Brown '20 cohort). 

I study algebraic topology and am interested in topological (co)Hochschild homology and connections to algebraic K-theory. 

I completed my PhD under the direction of Teena Gerhardt at Michigan State, where I received teaching awards from the MSU's math department, the College of Natural Science, and the university as a whole.

Using Graphic Novels in the STEM Classroom

B. Boerman-Cornell, D. Klanderman, J. Ho, and I have written a book about using graphic novels to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. More resources are available on our website,

Our book is available for pre-order on Bloomsbury's website!

Learn more and check out our article on The Conversation: 3 reasons we use graphic novels to teach math and physics.


Michigan State University

PhD in Math

Michigan State University

Masters of Science

Calvin University

BSc Mathematics (honors),BA French (honors)