As a researcher, my work falls into a few different areas:

In both my service and scholarship grant work, I am passionate about the following:

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Topological (co)Hochschild Homology

My dissertation work centered around an invariant called topological coHochschild homology (coTHH), which is constructed analogously to topological Hochschild homology (THH) but allows us to study coalgebra spectra. The diagram below gives an intuitive picture of the relationship between these tools for those who are familiar with homotopy theory. 

More specifically, I developed the relative coBökstedt spectral sequence in order to compute the homotopy groups of coTHH of coalgebras over any commutative ring spectrum and then examined particular calculations. 

See my paper Computations of relative topological coHochschild homology, available at arXiv:2108.07863 for more details.

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(Topological) coHochschild Homology Shadows

As a part of my dissertation work, I studied coHochschild homology as a bicategorical shadow, in the sense of Ponto. In collaboration with Maximilien Péroux, we extended this work to the setting of topological coHochschild homology. See our paper Trace methods for coHochschild homology, available at arXiv:2301.11346 for more details.

THH and the Loday Construction

I am a member of a Women in Topology research group studying the Loday construction and higher topological Hochschild homology.  My collaborators are:

Our paper, Loday constructions on twisted products and on tori, is available at arXiv:2002.00715.

Dold-Kan Correspondence for Abelian Inverse Semigroups

In a collaboration with Ranthony Edmonds, Sanjeevi Krishnan, and Emily Rudman, we are developing a Dold-Kan theorem for simplicial abelian inverse semigroups.  

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Conference and Seminar Talks

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