Marian University

Primary Instructor

Mentoring & Service

Advisor for the AWM student chapter at Marian University

Michigan State University

Primary Instructor

Taught large lecture classes with 200-350 enrolled students.

REU Graduate Assistant

In the summer of 2019 I was the graduate assistant for a group of four undergraduate students studying connections between combinatorics, graph theory, and category theory.  Specifically, they studied Fuss-Catalan numbers and action graphs that are related to equivariant trees of algebraic topology.

Curriculum Development

Developed function-based curriculum to create an adaptive learning-based course, which included writing content, collaborating with administrators and technology staff, and selecting, organizing, and creating assessments.
Created tools to aid Teaching Assistants for this course. I designed group work and offered options for student engagement in the classroom by expanding the lecture resources in order to support inexperienced instructors.

Mentoring & Leadership

Helped lead orientation for over 80 new undergraduate learning assistants. Co-led CIM first year orientation seminars designed to train new teaching assistants through a semester-long program including running mock-teaching presentations.
Conducted video observations of other teaching assistants and provided detailed feedback, led organization meetings, followed up with special-circumstance instructors, and other projects.
Supervised and evaluated teaching assistants during Math Learning Center (MLC) shifts, led exam review sessions, ran MLC Tutor meetings, and observed instructors.
Facilitated workshops to help GTAs plan lessons, exams, and end-of-semester routines, providing input on curriculum, course structure, and uniform final exams. Did observations and gave detailed feedback.
Led grading sessions and exam review sessions. Provided input on syllabi and uniform final exams. Did in-depth observations of other teaching assistants.

Certification in College Teaching

A voluntary comprehensive program to prepare graduate students for careers in science and mathematics at the college level. Included coursework on teaching college mathematics, workshops and seminars, a mentored teaching experience and the development of a teaching portfolio.